Jul 302013

If you are considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, come into the credit union and get pre-approved today. There are NO application fees. Once you are approved, the loan officer can give you a letter of credit to take to the dealership. You can then shop worry free at the dealership, knowing you have already qualified for a loan.

Get GAP and/or Payment Protection for your Auto Loan…It Pays!

Guaranteed Auto Protection will cover the difference between your loan/lease payoff and your primary insurance company settlement should your automobile be stolen or damaged and is a loss. Contact a loan officer for complete details.

Payment Protection will cover your loan if you were to die or if you are out of work, under doctor’s care for more than 15 days. Talk to our Loan Department for complete details.

Yes, we have Warranty’s to protect your investment.

When buying any vehicle, there is always a chance of having a mechanical breakdown. However, you will have peace of mind knowing that most problems can be taken care of with an extended service contract. This service is now available from the loan department.